The Swedish Energy Agency finances a project for technology watch and pre studies within the area of fuel cells. The project is carried out as part of The Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC) and is led by Elforsk. It spans from 2014 to October 2016. This is the first annual conference reporting the results from the technology watch.

Programme och documentation

Introduction and welcome

Elna Holmberg, SHC
Bertil Wahlund, Elforsk

Pre studies and technology watches


Left over hydrogen quality and cost

Anna Alexandersson, SP

Technology status of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells

Helena Berg, Libergreen/Joakim Nyman, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Requirements of power electronics for fuel cells in electric vehicles

Andreas Bodén, Powercell

A planned project: How much will the future fuel cell vehicle cost?

Joakim Nyman/Hans Pohl, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Reporting from IEA AFC annexes and technology development

Introduction IEA and Annex 25 Stationary fuel cells

Bengt Ridell, Grontmij

Recent Development for SOFC and annex 24 SOFC

Bengt Sundén, LTH

Development for MCFC and annex 23

Carina Lagergren, KTH

Technology watches within FFI fuel cell projects

PEFC technology development, in connection to FFI project Components and concepts for PEFC in vehicle applications Göran Lindbergh, KTH
SOFC technology development, in connection to FFI project Improved life time for SOFC-APU Jan-Erik Svensson, Chalmers
Status of Fuel Cell Technology Bengt Ridell, Grontmij
Who was there? List of participants

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