Elforsk’s work was carried out in the form of coordinated framework programmes and as individual projects. Proposals for R&D came from our customers, from Elforsk staff members, and from external parties with whom we worked. Proposals where evaluated in various ways, such as with the support of our programme council, and developed in conjunction with possible sources of funding and performers.

The final task for Elforsk was then to transfer the results of projects to the customers so that they could be applied in an effective manner. The overall purpose was clear: only work directly requested by customers was carried out.

Development through cooperation

In order to achieve a more oriented system and effective energy business Elforsk AB and the shareholders of the Swedish District Heating Association, Värmeforsk and Swedish Gas Centre have agreed to coordinate the respective research activities in a new joint research company. For this purpose Energiforsk AB, Swedish Energy Research Centre, was formed.

The new company began operations on January 1, 2015. More information can be found on:

Magnus Olofsson, Managing Director   

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